Signs your friend is a fake one…


Lets not close an eye on the fact that in this dog-eat-dog world it is hard to find a true friend. A wise friend of mine told me their is no such thing and that no one will be willing to sacrifice himself for you. Everyone cares about themselves and will back-stab you when you fall. I have to disagree on that view… we are not asking for friends to sacrifice themselves for us, we are just asking for someone to be happy for us when we are happy, give us some support when we are low, to trust them with the little things that bother us everyday, to talk with in a brotherly/sisterly way, to party with us when we want to have some fun, to tell our secrets to, to be by are side and make a journey in this world an easier one… I don’t think that’s asking for too much. Making friends is not the easiest process in the world but sometimes these friendships last. The ending ship in the word is so on point when it comes to how hard it is for some to keep a friendship alive. Like a ship which has to go through he@@ to get back to the stability and the steadiness of the shore, friendships go through thick and thin to survive just like relationships and real ships……. You have to first trust someone to become his friend, you have to chose them wisely and make sure that they are suited for you… Sometimes you feel that friends aren’t real.These are some signs that your friend is a fake one and you are not being paranoid whatsoever.

  1. Your friend constantly tells you that she is busy and cannot spend anytime with you and she goes out with other people instead or asks other people out for coffee. Okay that can happen if she feels obliged to the other person and she doesn’t want to seem arrogant or rude towards someone who wanted to go out for some coffee but if she does this repeatedly and hasn’t gone out with you in like three months she doesn’t consider you a friend of hers.
  2. If you are always the one calling for a meetup maybe she just thinks you’re annoying as can be and is too fake nice to let you down. The thing you should try to do is ghost her for some time to see if she bothers to notice, asks you how you are feeling. That means she actually cares about your existence and isn’t bothered from your presence.
  3. Why did she start befriending you in the first place? Really take the time to think about it. Did she think you were nice, smart, serious, funny? Did she have an  impression that you were someone that you aren’t and you have to constantly act like you are someone else? That means she isn’t friends with you but your fake persona. Or worse, is your friend manipulating you in any way? Is she befriending you because she thinks you’re rich or popular, to get better grades… Either way she is just friends with someone else or something else(money, fame,prestige etc.)
  4. What was your first impression when you first met your friend? Was it a good one or a bad one ? It really does matter. My first impression when I met some girls in university told me that we were not gonna get along and even though we talked and went out in the end my first impression, my gut feeling was right so I slowly walked away from some people… to tell you the truth I distanced myself from everyone the first year, I was friends with everybody without getting really close. I was really cautious about who I was going to let be my friends. That plan backfired since some girls I really thought were nice thought that I backstabbed them for leaving the group but I just wanted to find as many friends as possible and end up choosing the best match for me but university was really demanding academically and I ended up being so busy, so caught up with my emotions, my novels, my poetry, singing, dancing ,   socialising etc that I kinda found and lost myself in the end. The first year of adjusting to university life was a tricky and bumpy ride but in the longrun the mistakes I made changed my view on things and friendships. But in the end I made some really good friends and that is all that matters.
  5.  She doesn’t listen to you when you tell her that she is being rude to you and others.  Friendships are not groups of people trashing others. Distance yourself from people like that. You are better than that. Remember this if someone is really mean and critical of others in front of you he will be mean to you when you are not present. Not worth trying to make it work with people like that. Don’t be appalled if she starts gossipping about you behind your back. You’ve seen the signs.
  6. They are indifferent to your feelings and when you talk about your problems they are always cold and say you are overreacting. When someone doesn’t even act or sympathize with your problems imagine how he will act when you are happy. He will not care or worse be jealous…
  7.  You sense that they are envious of you.  When you sense envy run away, do not be less of the person you are to avoid them getting envious. I tried that once and wholeheartedly feel naive. Just remember sometimes you light is too bright for others to handle. DO NOT DIM THAT LIGHT FOR ANYONE BECAUSE sooner or later your light will attract another diamonds light and you won’t be alone…
  8. You tell them that you are into someone and they keep their eyes on him. That is totally against girl code as well. Girls there are lots of boys out there. Chill…

Discovering your destiny

beach-beautiful-bikini-5358.jpgEveryone at some point in their life to different extents wonders what the meaning of life is and what is the reason of their existence in particular. Some people feel haunted by these thoughts actually. Why did we come to this world for? Will we achieve our dreams, utilize our full potential properly and choose the right path in life? Is their just one right path to pursue? Who is the judge ? Who can define what the right path in life is really? No one went through life knowing he was 100 % on the right track and if someone never makes mistakes that means he hasn’t done much in his life. People that have accomplished many things in their life and are generally considered successful , for example people who save lives, achieve fame, high social status, financial security, higher levels of spirituality, leaders , successful artists , authors, journalists… the list goes on and on…they have all admitted that they had gone through lots of hardships and setbacks before they reached their goals and achieved success. The path wasn’t always so clear. Some still believe that they have not fulfilled their dreams. So I have come to a conclusion that everyone comes to this life for a reason that he doesn’t know from the start but has to find during his life and you can never be certain about your choices. Some are luckier than others and can find their life purpose from childhood or are just those people who never gave up on their childhood dreams and built on them whereas  others were totally unfamiliar with their future job and learned about it in their twenties by accident. Even so their is no secret formula to success… and its definition is different for everyone. In the long run just try to live a life you love surrounded by people you love and eventually you will get there. Just have faith in yourself and smile…


Art Challenge for August

adult-art-beautiful-612977.jpgJust some ideas for whoever wants to draw a lot this summer.You can draw ….

  1. yourself (self-portrait)
  2. a family member you are really close to
  3. your favourite place in the world
  4. your favourite fairytale character
  5.  the best movie quote
  6. your favourite holidays
  7. the four elements
  8. your favourite word (lettering)
  9. your favorite singer/actor/celebrity/idol
  10. a cover one of your old drawings
  11. your best friend
  12. your favourite animal
  13. a picture that describes how you are feeling-your mood
  14. someone you love a lot and admire
  15. a painting with shades of your favorite color
  16. a drawing of a historical figure you admire
  17. a drawing of your future self
  18. a family portrait
  19. something that excites you
  20. your favourite gift
  21. your cover of your favourite book illustration
  22. your dream room
  23. your favourite hobby
  24. your feelings
  25. an ideal tropical paradise
  26. your last dream (happy one of course)
  27. a turning point in your life
  28. a happy couple
  29. beautiful flowers
  30. the beach
  31. whatever you please….